ATV and Snowmobiles

Confused about what you need and how to register your Quad, Side by Side, or Snowmobile? Unless your ATV or Snowmobile is used solely for business or agricultural purposes and operated on private property it must be registered in Pennsylvania.  

All ATV and Snowmobile titles and registrations are administered and issued by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).   All of the fees collected by DCNR are used to maintain and preserve the 121 State Parks and 20 State Forests and to support organizations that develop and conduct riding and operator safety programs for drivers.

We are authorized online DCNR dealer and able to process any ATV or Snowmobile transaction instantly including:

  • Titling and Registration: Let us do your title and registration work for any ATVs and Snowmobiles you own or have purchased.
  • Registration Renewals: We can renew quickly, and issue ID cards on the spot.
  • License Plates issued immediately: We can lend you a screw driver for you to mount onto your ATV (Snowmobiles receive decals).
  • Duplicate Title and/or Registration: Titles arrive in mail in 6-8 weeks but registration, plates and decals are issued instantly so that you can get your ATV or Sled on the trail.
  • Change of Address and/or Name: These changes are done in our office online and new ID is printed on the spot.

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources – Recreation