PA Vehicle Registration and Titling

Common vehicle titling requests are listed below. We work on these requests on a daily basis, however, we are authorized by PennDOT to do more than what is listed.  If you do not see what you are looking for and need more please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


If you are purchasing or getting a gift of a car, truck, trailer or motorcycle here is what you will need to bring into the office to complete the process:

  • The Title OR the Manufacturers Certificate of Origin
    • *If current title is coming in from another State PennDOT requires a formal VIN Verification.
    • *Certificate of Origin needs to be notarized/signed off under the Odometer Statement AND Customer Assignment prior to coming into our office.
  • Your valid PA Driver’s License or PA Photo ID
    • *If your address differs from what is listed on the Driver’s License we will need your address update card as well or we will need to change your address with the Commonwealth online prior to completing the transfer.  We should be able to do that when you come in.
  • Your current Pa Automobile Insurance Card or Declarations Page
    • *Your name must be on the ID card as the Named Insured or the policy Declarations Page displaying your name as a listed driver at the correct address.
    • *Very important that you review PennDOT Acceptable Proof of Insurance.
    • *If the buyer has a plate in their name, they can transfer that plate in most cases. Just be sure to bring in the registration card or plate for verification and transfer.

Look over:  Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles schedule of fees.

Look over:  Fee for Local Use – Participating Counties.

Registration Renewal

Vehicle Registration Expired? Don’t worry! Here at 309 Auto Tags, we offer instant online car/vehicle registration renewals!

The owner of the vehicle must bring:

Their current PA insurance card for the vehicle you are renewing.

The current mileage to the vehicle

Bring in copy of expired registration

Look over: Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles schedule of fees.

Look over: Fee for Local Use – Participating Counties.

Duplicate Title

Duplicate titles are mailed directly to owner’s address of record and are usually received in 6-10 days.

The vehicle’s owner must bring:

  • All owners must have their valid PA Drivers License or Photo ID.
  • Bring the vehicle registration card or vehicle VIN, Title or Plate number.
  • Bring along any applicable Lien Release Letter.
  • *If PennDOT shows lien recorded in their online portal, there must be a lien release letter that can show the lien has been discharged or paid off.  Processing could take longer due to delay in obtaining the lien release.

Name Change

We can help to process name changes on your vehicle title or registration to keep you current!

The owner(s) of the vehicle need to bring the following:

  • Each owner must have his or her valid PA Drivers License or valid Photo ID.
  • Vehicle registration card.
  • Original marriage certificate or original certified court order that granted the name change.
  • Title to the vehicle if you going to change the name on the title as well.
    • *Changing the name on the title is not required.  If you do not change the name on the title, when you decide to sell, trade-in, or scrap your vehicle you will simply need to provide the original documents listed above.

Address Change

Did you recently move your residence? Come to 309 Auto Tags and we will print out a brand new vehicle registration on the spot with the new information!

If you already have a Pennsylvania Registration we can change the address online over the counter.  Your newly addressed registration card prints out right here in our office for you to take with you.

What you’ll need

  • Vehicle registration card or vehicle information.
  • Your driver’s license.

Duplicate Registration Card

If you have lost or misplaced your registration card stop in and we can order duplicate instantly and print out new card to take with you.

Call us today to get your Vehicle Registration Card Replaced today!

What you’ll need

  • Prior Vehicle registration card or vehicle license plate number.

Vanity Plates

PennDOT permits individuals to choose their own 7 character vanity plate and has developed a tool for you to determine if what you have in mind is available Check Personalized License Plate Availability

Personalized regular registration plates are available for:

  • Passenger cars
  • Motorcycle (may contain a combination of up to five letters and numbers)
  • Trucks (under 14,000 lbs.)
  • Motorhomes
  • Trailers

Vehicle owner(s) need to bring the following:

  • Each owner must have his or her valid Driver’s License or valid Photo ID.
  • The current vehicle registration card.
  • A hyphen or space is not recognized as part of the plate configuration and does not count as one of the letters or numbers.
  • One hyphen or one space is permitted, but not both.
  • Special characters are not available.
  • The plate you request is not guaranteed.  The state must approve the plate you request.
  • The State orders Vanity Plates in large groups therefore it can take 6 – 8 weeks or longer.
  • If your request is approved the plate and registration card will be returned to our office for you to pick up.

Special Fund Plates

PennDOT offers many types of license plates that feature Special Fund Organizations.  

Special Fund Registration Plate Website

The owner(s) of the vehicle need to bring the following:

  • Each owner must have his or her valid Driver’s License or Photo ID.
  • If the vehicle is currently registered please bring in the current registration card.

Other Services our Office Can Provide

  • Vintage / Antique/Classic and Collectible Titles and Registrations
  • Salvage and Reconstructed Titles
  • Vehicle Information/ inquiry requests
  • Vertical Motorcycle Registration Plates
  • Vehicle Registration Restorations

Vehicle Registration Suspension

There are multiple reasons why a Vehicle Registration may be suspended and because each person’s situation is unique and the restoration requirements vary you should obtain a restoration requirements letter from PennDOT which outlines the specific steps that must be completed to have your vehicle registration restored. The letter will be mailed to you approximately 30 days prior to your restoration eligibility date. You can also access your restoration requirements letter online at no charge or by visiting a local Online Messenger office where it can be printed for you (Service fees may apply).

Vehicle Registration Suspension due to lapse of Insurance

Insurance companies are required to notify PennDOT if an auto policy is cancelled.  If received, PennDOT can send a Proof Letter asking the registrant to provide verification that new insurance is in place for the vehicle(s) listed.  If the registrant does not respond to the letter with the required proof of insurance, or if the response indicates there was in fact a lapse of coverage a Suspension Letter is then generated. Drivers can respond by emailing their updated insurance information to PennDOT at, call 717-412-5300, fax it to 717-772-1550, or mail it to Financial Responsibility Unit, PO Box 68674, Harrisburg, PA 17106. 

Payment of Restoration Fees

After a suspension time period has been served a payment of Vehicle Registration Restoration fees must be made as a condition of restoration.   In lieu of suspension, the registrant has the option to pay a $500 Civil Penalty.   

Proof of insurance and Restoration payments can be mailed directly to PennDOT. There is also a self-service online option for both Restoration Payments and payment of optional Civil penalties. You also have the option to provide Proof of Insurance, payment of Restoration fees and Civil Penalties at any Authorized PennDOT Online Messenger Office (service fees may apply).

Online payment of Registration Restoration Fees, payment of Civil Penalty, or print copy of your registration restoration requirement letter.