Pennsylvania Boat Registration and Titling

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) requires all powered boats and personal watercraft to be registered. As an Authorized PFBC Issuing Agent, we are able to offer services to get you on the water as fast and efficiently as possible.

We can provide 

  • Titling and Registration 
  • Registration Renewals
  • Change of Address and/ or Name
  • Duplicate Title and/ or Registration

Similar to a vehicle, you must register your boat just like you would register your car. This means that you also need a title for your boat. You might hold the title if you paid cash for the boat or paid it off. If on the other hand you financed your boat your bank holds the title in which case we may need to work directly with your lender. If your boat was manufactured before 1997 there may have never been a title issued in which case, we ask that you bring in other paperwork related to the purchase of the boat so that we can order a title and issue registration. If your boat is coming into Pennsylvania from another State please call our office in advance so that we can discuss renewal procedures and title requirements which varies by State.   

You will leave our office with a 60 days temporary registration while your title transfer is being processed and your two years registration is mailed to you by PFBC.

You will need to bring

  • Boat title or former registration card 
  • Bill of Sale 
  • Pennsylvania Drivers License


Pennsylvania FAQ – Titling and Registration

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission – Titling and Registration

PA Boat Registration

309 Auto Tags is an Authorized Boat Registration Agent for the PA Fish and Boat Commission. Registration and titling of your boat are unique to the type of boat you own and we take care to register your boat according to your specific type of boat and situation.

Get a Boat Registration PA for boats with engines – If you own any gas-powered, diesel, electric or hybrid-fueled boats, even if it is documented with the US Coast Guard for recreational purposes, you must also get a state registration for the vessel. You must also register sailboats with an engine powered by diesel, gas, electric or hybrid fueling, with a PA Boat Registration.

Boats without fuel – If you own a canoe, rowboat, sailboat, kayak, raft, or inflatable boat, then you do not need to register it with a PA Boat Registration. An exception to this rule is if you launch the boat in any Pennsylvania Fish and Boat access area, lake, or in any PA managed state park or state forest.

PA Fish and Boat Access areas

Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources PA Parks  

Register or title your boat in PA 

People also ask:

Q. How much does boat registration cost in PA?

The PA Fish and Boat Commission issues 2 year registrations and those fees vary by boat type.  Unpowered boat registration is $22. Motorboats under 16’ have a 2-year registration fee of $26; for motorboats 16’ to less than 20’, the fee is $39; and for motorboats over 20’, the fee is $52. Commercial passenger boat registration is $50.

Motorboats require the issuance of a title to be registered. PA certificate of title fee is $30 for a new or corrected title and is in addition to the registration fee. If you choose to use an authorized PA Fish and Boat authorized agency, like 309 Auto Tags, you will be charged an additional fee for their processing of your application and for the availability of a 60 day temporary registration that can be used to drive your boat while your application paperwork is being processed.

Q. What kind of boats need to be registered in PA?

All motorboats and personal watercraft, regardless of size and type of fuel used, are required to be registered when operated. Unpowered boats or personal watercraft like paddleboards are required to be registered or display a launch permit.

Q. Do boats need to be insured in PA?

There is no requirement for boaters to secure insurance unless they charge a fee to customers for the use, charter, or transportation of a boat.

Q. How to check the status of boat registration in PA?

You can check the status of your existing boat registration online at or call PA Fish and Boat directly at 866-262-8734.

Q. How do I renew my boat trailer registration in PA?

Boat trailers are registered by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), and the registration process is similar to that of other vehicles. New registrations can be processed by Authorized Agents, such as 309 Auto Tags, or can be done via postal mail directly with PennDOT. Agents may charge an additional service fee.

Q. Can I renew my PA registration online?

Yes, most vehicles and trailers can be renewed online by accessing the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website