Driver’s License Services

If you are a new driver or moving into PA you must apply for a PA Driver’s license in person at a PennDOT DMV center. If you are currently a licensed driver in PA you have several ways to renew, change address, replace, and restore a suspended driver’s license.  You can mail requests directly to PennDOT DMV, access PennDOT’s online Drivers website, or you can elect to visit a local PennDOT Authorized Online Messenger location. (service fees may apply).

Driver’s License Suspension

If your driving privilege is going to be suspended or revoked, a written notice will be mailed to you listing the date when the suspension/revocation will begin. Your driver’s license and/or learner’s permit must be returned to the Bureau of Driver Licensing by the effective date of suspension listed on the notice, or the state police and local police will be notified to pick up the driver’s license.  

Restore Your Driving Privilege

Drivers experience having their driver’s license suspended by PennDot for a wide range of reasons, and if you have as well then you’re not alone. If you have had your license suspended, you should obtain a restoration requirements letter from PennDOT outlining the specific steps that you must complete to have your driving privileges restored. This document will provide specific, concrete steps for you to complete 30 days before your restoration eligibility date. Need help accessing your restoration requirements letter? You can do so at the PennDOT website, or by having your letter printed at a local Authorized Online Messenger such as 309 Auto Tags (service fees may apply).

Payment of Restoration fees

After a suspension time period has been served payment of Driver’s License Restoration fees must be made as a condition of restoration. Restoration payments can be made online, or processed at any Authorized PennDOT Online Messenger Office (service fees may apply).

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