In Transit Tag Services

Are you an out of State resident who is purchasing a car with a Pennsylvania title? If yes then our Office can help you by issuing a temporary tag.  Pennsylvania In-Transit tags will provide you with a temporary 60 day registration and a temporary license tag.  Once you leave our office you can legally drive the vehicle back to your home State with plenty of time to complete your State’s title and registration requirements.

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The out of State buyer/purchaser of the vehicle must bring in the following:

The Pennsylvania title for the vehicle that you bought:

  • Pennsylvania wants all seller signatures to be notarized, and that means sellers must be present with their valid PA Drivers license or PA Photo ID so we can notarize their signature OR it must be properly notarized before coming into our office.
  • Valid out of State Drivers License or valid out of State Photo ID.
  • Current automobile insurance card or declarations page.
    *It is very important that the buyers name is listed on the current out of State insurance ID card, otherwise we must have a copy of car insurance declaration pages showing buyers name as a listed driver on the policy with address displayed.

The original PA Title will be returned to the buyer so that the buyer can complete the processing with their resident State Department of Motor Vehicles.  These transactions are usually completed online and the transaction is completed in real time.