A Guide to Renewing Your Car Registration in Pennsylvania

PA Car Title & Registration

Why Automobile Registration Renewal is Important in PA?

  1. All drivers in PA are required to have valid registrations for their cars when they drive
  2. You could get a ticket/fine/penalty for driving without a registration or with an invalid registration
  3. You must have valid registration in order to complete required annual vehicle safety and emissions inspection.
  4. How do I renew my Pa Registration?

    There are 3 ways to renew your Pa Vehicle Registration.
    1- You can complete the registration renewal you received in the mail from PennDOT and return in the return envelope provide with payment. You can also choose to complete PennDOT request for vehicle registration form MV140 and returning with payment via regular mail After processing , PennDOT will return your registration card via regular mail.
    2- By renewing on PennDOT’s self service online vehicle services website Keep in mind that you must have a printer connected to your computer in order to get hard copy registration card.
    3- In person at any Authorized Online Messenger like 309 Auto Tags or other motor vehicle service Agency. Registration is instantly processed, and hard copy registration will be issued immediately. Additional service fees apply.

    Registration Renewal Fees

    You have he option of renewing for 1 or 2 years for most vehicles, and up to 5 years for trailers. Keep in mind that renewal fees depend on how many renewal years you choose, the Pa County you reside in, and in the case of trucks, the gross vehicle weight of the vehicle. You can view all PennDOT fees here .

    Concluding thought: If you choose to work with an Independent Authorized On Line Messenger you get immediate answers to any questions you have, and gain the expertise of a professional who has performed many registration renewals. This can be particularly helpful in determining the proper weight to register your truck when considering your personal or business use.

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