Specially Constructed Vehicle Titling and Registration

Some vehicles and trailers are sold in kits to be assembled by the purchaser. These vehicles are not originally with a manufacturers badge or name, make or model or type by a generally recognized manufacturer of vehicles.

Here are some examples of vehicles which would require a “Specially Constructed Vehicle Title”:

  • Homemade trailers
  • Dune buggies
  • Vehicles assembled from a kit
  • Vehicles built from various vehicle parts
  • Glider Kits (usually heavy-duty trucks bought from Manufacturers without engines)

It is understood by PA vehicle owners that an annual safety and emissions inspection is required to keep your car registered and on the road. When a vehicle is Specially Constructed it must first undergo a one time “Enhanced Inspection”. Enhanced inspection mechanics are certified by PennDOT to evaluate, test, and certify that a Specially constructed vehicle complies and is roadworthy. You can view the current list of approved Enhanced Inspection locations here all listed by County . When the mechanic completes his enhanced inspection, he will certify that the vehicle meets all PA safety requirements by completing the Application for Specially Constructed Vehicles form MV-426B .

Once you have the properly completed 426B and all accompanying pictures, receipts, and documents describing all materials used in construction of the vehicle you can come to any Authorized Independently owned Online Messenger like 309 Auto Tags to complete remaining documents and application to apply for a Specially Constructed title (service fees apply). You can also apply for registration at the same time however no Online Messenger or other motor vehicle service agency is permitted to instantly issue tags and registration over the counter. After PennDOT completes the processing of your application and paperwork your title will be mailed directly to you and any Registration plate and Registration card will be sent to your Online Messenger office for you to pick up.

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The Enhanced Inspection requirement is part of the process to allow you to get your vehicle titled and registered however it does not replace the annual PennDOT Vehicle Equipment Safety Inspection requirement. After receiving your newly issued title, plate, and registration card you must take your vehicle (except trailers with gross vehicle weight less than 3000lbs) to any authorized garage location for evaluation approval and issue of your inspection window sticker. There is provision in the PA Emissions program that exempts Specially Constructed vehicles do not need to worry about that annual requirement.

PA Vehicle Inspection PUB-145
PA Emissions Program

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